A good routine for a calm baby.

Meet Lisa, a mom of two boys. This is what she had to say about their bedtime routine.

Routine, Routine, Routine! 

Feeding time.  Bathtime.  Bedtime…  Routine starts from the moment your baby is born. In the beginning, it seems that all your baby wants to do is sleep, but once they start getting a little older, things go awry.  Day becomes night, they don’t sleep through, and you’re left feeling like you can’t remember what day of the week it is!  A good bath time routine can be very beneficial for a calm, tear-free bedtime and a better night’s sleep. 

So, what does this bath time routine include, you may ask? 

A nice and calm environment (if possible, as we all know that is not always possible), the right bath water temperature (about 37⁰C – 38⁰C), and a great set of skincare products (as my boys have sensitive skin, so I use the Sebamed range). Sebamed has a great Bubble Bath, adding just enough bubbles to entertain and not overwhelm your baby, calming him in the process with its gentle chamomile ingredients. 

When it comes to a cleanser, it’s best to use a product that suits your baby’s needs the best. In our case, we opted for the Sebamed Baby Gentle Wash, as it comes in a 1L bottle with a convenient pump action (winning!!) and in this way, when our eldest son started getting more independent he was able to decant the cleanser onto his sponge by himself. Of course, we’ve all experienced a special bath time moment that’s ruined as Baby gets soap in his eyes (the struggle is real)!  What I truly love about this product is the no-tear formula.

The two stars of this show!

I like to end the bath time routine with a quick massage, especially in winter as it’s a great way to simultaneously moisturize and to calm them. When giving a baby massage it is very important to use a product that will not irritate Baby and her skin. And after trying so many products, I was delighted to see that Sebamed launched its Soothing massage oil. Designed to protect the skin from moisture loss, I no longer even need to use a cream or lotion afterward.  (Although, for those extra dry cheeks in winter I still use the Protective Facial Cream).  

After bath time it is bottle time and my little one passes out almost instantly with his favourite teddy!

We all experience those difficult phases of getting our little ones to bed; especially when they are feeling a little ill.  Sometimes even the best hints and tips don’t seem to work!  The best advice I received as a new mommy was to create a calm environment by sticking to the bedtime routine and enjoying the time spent bonding with my baby.