A guide to newborn skincare: 5 Sebamed products you can’t go without and why

When we hear ‘skincare routine’, our immediate thoughts often jump to popular routines like the seven-step regimen, or whatever the latest fad is. This can be different for new mothers. Finding the perfect skincare routine for a newborn isn’t the same as finding one for yourself – in fact, it’s completely different.

A baby’s skin is only about one-fifth as thick as adult skin, so extra caution should be taken when developing a skincare routine for your baby. A baby’s skin is considered a sensitive skin condition, so it’s essential that the ingredients used in all products are gentle enough for your little one.

A good place to start is the Baby Sebamed range. Dermatologists suggest that babies should not be bathed more than once or twice weekly. Simply cleansing your baby’s skin with lukewarm water and following up with our five best Sebamed baby products is enough to keep your newborn’s skin happy and healthy.

The delicate skin of a newborn lacks a protective acid mantle, which is the slightly acidic surface that protects our skin. Luckily the Baby Sebamed range has a mild cleansing bar enriched with Panthenol. The pH 5.5 in the bar also promotes the development of healthy skin.

The sebaceous glands in a baby’s skin aren’t active like in adults. This means their skin isn’t naturally producing the oil it needs to protect itself. The Baby Sebamed Cream Extra Soft prevents dryness and irritation with soothing Jojoba oils, and is your best bet when moisturising your baby.

There’s no need to worry about sun damage to your baby’s skin with The Baby Sebamed Multi Protect Sun Spray. While normal sunscreen can be used for babies six months and older, it is recommended that a milder form of sun protection is used for newborns. This product is water resistant, has triple protection against sun damage, and provides intense hydration for your baby.

Mothers know that they can go through bucket loads of wet wipes for their newborns. It’s important to use a product delicate enough to constantly cleanse the nappy area. Formulated with Wheat Germ Oil, the Baby Sebamed Oil Wipes are gentle for frequent use.

Babies love and thrive on bonding time with their mothers. Like cuddling, a massage is the best way to give your baby love and affection. Massaging your baby with the Baby Sebamed Massage Oil not only gives you irreplaceable connection time, it also helps relieve pain induced by colic, gas, illness or teething.

Until your newborn is about a year old, it’s recommended to use skincare products specifically formulated for their current age group. These products should be nontoxic, contain no dyes, deodorants, alcohol and any other ingredient which may be harsh on your baby’s skin.

Good news is, every product in the Baby Sebamed range is rigorously tested and approved by dermatologists for babies, so you can trust that your baby’s skin is in good hands.

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The Sebamed baby range is also available in Dischem, Clicks and Baby City as well as on Takealot.com