Sebamed is Tried and Trusted

Sebamed represents one of the leading brands for medical skincare with a pH value 5.5 for healthy skin. The Sebamed range contains high-quality active ingredients that cleanse and nourish the skin without destroying the natural acid protection mantle.

about sebamed skincare

International Brand

Sebamed’s high quality products are made in Germany and are recommended by dermatologists in over 80 countries.

about sebamed skincare

Research & Innovation

At Sebamed we perform ongoing clinical trials and studies in order to continuously improve and always bring you the best skin products.

about sebamed skincare

Extensive Range

There are over 120 Sebamed product formulations throughout the world, made for every skin type – all of which are clinically proven.

about sebamed skincare

Clinically Proven

Since 1967 we have performed over 120 cruelty-free clinical studies to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality.

What does Science for Healthy Skin mean?

We developed our comprehensive medical skincare solutions by using a combination of dermatology, cosmetology, and pharmaceutics in order to give you the highest quality products with the greatest benefit for your skin. All Sebamed products:

  • Ensure healthy skin
  • Prevent skin problems
  • Are hypoallergenic with a 1 in 3 million risks of allergy
  • Support the regeneration of skin
  • Are dermatologically manufactured, tested and proven
  • Are NOT tested on animals
about sebamed skincare

Hypoallergenic with very low risk of allergies

about sebamed skincare

pH 5.5 formula supports skin’s natural barrier

about sebamed skincare

Mild but highly effective active ingredients

about sebamed skincare

100% free of damaging soap and alkalis