Acne doesn’t discriminate against age – babies get it too

Acne is usually associated with the pubescent phase young people go through before adulthood. There is another type of acne which can appear on babies from the time they are born. Baby acne, also known as neonatal acne, is said to occur in about 20 percent of newborns. This skin condition is common amongst babies, and there isn’t much you can do to prevent it. You can however, read on to understand why it occurs and how to treat it in this article.

If you were to look very closely at a newborn’s skin, it isn’t completely clear and smooth. There are usually tiny, red or white bumps or pimples around the baby’s chin, forehead, eyelids and cheeks. It’s still unclear why baby acne develops, but some researchers believe it is related to maternal or infant hormones.

Babies don’t have skin which is fully developed yet. This makes it sensitive and prone to dirt infiltration – which causes the breakout of acne. It’s essential to remember that baby acne isn’t preventable, but is most certainly treatable. Baby Sebamed has a range of gentle and effective products which soothe and treat baby acne.

The Baby Sebamed My Gentle Essentials Value Pack has a Gentle Wash, Shampoo, Diaper Rash Cream, Body Lotion and Protective Facial Cream – everything you need to keep your little one’s skin healthy and happy. To further protect your baby’s skin from the sun when you’re out and about, use the Multi Protect Sun Spray which also contains the pH 5.5 difference.

Now that you know more about baby acne, it’s time to lay down some ground rules on how you should be treating your baby’s skin.

  1. Don’t pick, squeeze or scrub the affected area
  2. Don’t use harsh soaps or lotions
  3. Use warm water to cleanse the affected area 2 – 3 times a day
  4. Avoid acne products intended for adults
  5. Always make sure the products you’re using are dermatologically tried and tested

Baby acne is common amongst most newborns, and usually isn’t something to be concerned about. You should however be very mindful of the products you use to treat your baby’s acne, to ensure their suitability for effective yet gentle treatment.

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