Enhance your skin’s hydration.

The seasons are changing, and the cooler temperatures of winter are slowly arriving.  It’s nearly time to break out the blankets and hot water bottles, cuddle up in front of the fireplace or heater and warm up cold hands and feet in a hot shower or bath.  You might even treat yourself to a nice cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee instead of water! 

Winter is harsh on your skin

Unfortunately, the colder winter temperatures (and all the winter-warmer luxuries) can take a toll on your skin and make it feel tight. The air outside is cold and dry, making it feel as though the moisture is being sucked out.  This is because as humidity levels drop, your skin does not retain as much moisture as it does in the warmer months. You might also be neglecting to apply moisturizers as you’re covering up with thick, warm clothing. 

Normal healthy skin is smooth and supple, plump and full of moisture.  The skin’s natural barrier is intact and it’s able to retain its moisture. Using harsh cleaning solutions like soap will have a drying out effect on the skin, as soaps strip the skin’s natural protective barrier leaving it vulnerable to trans epidermal water loss, which causes it to dry out. This leaves your skin feeling tight and itchy, and could even result in redness, dry spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

To maintain normal, healthy skin it is essential to use the correct skincare products.  By using a range with good quality active ingredients, it will help to rebuild the skin’s natural protective barrier, helping to support and maintain healthy skin; and even correct an imbalanced skin!

What to use… and when

We suggest using moisturizers in the morning as they are lighter in weight. They restore the moisture in our skin, and they are less greasy than creams. Creams are rich and thick. They lock in moisture and are better to apply in the evenings as your skin regenerates at night. Creams and moisturizers both lock in moisture more effectively when applied to damp skin – so don’t wait until your skin is completely dry before applying.

The Sebamed Solution

Formulated at a perfect pH of 5.5 (the “Golden pH” for healthy skin), Sebamed is 100% soap and alkali-free. Our range contains good quality active ingredients that will support your skin during the cold, harsh winter.  With the Derma Wash Emulsion for your face and body, Body Lotion and Night Intensive Cream, the Sebamed Anti-Dry range is the perfect range to protect your skin.

So, don’t wait until it’s too late.  Prepare yourself for winter with the right Sebamed range for your skin type.