Find a skincare routine you can’t help but fall in love with

If your skincare regimen consists of only one step which is simply splashing warm, soapy water on your face, then listen up. It takes some research, a bit of trial and error, and a lot of patience. But when you find your perfect fit, it will be love at first, second and third sight. 

There are countless products on the market that claim to fight acne, prevent ageing, remove spots and even give you a natural, bronze glow. With this many skin care products being thrown at your face, it’s no wonder you may be having a hard time settling on a skincare regimen that fits you. 

Like with anything else, the best place to start is at the beginning. Do you know your skin type? Is it normal, oily, dry or a combination? Knowing your skin type is essential and helps build the foundation of your skincare regimen. From there, finding products suited to your unique skincare needs is a breeze. 

Luckily, there’s already a brand that’s done all the science and research for you. Sebamed products have a pH value of 5.5 which means that they’re gentle to use on sensitive, problematic or diseased skin. You can slowly ease yourself into a regimen that works for you with some of our trusted products. 

Start your day off with the light Antibacterial Cleansing Foam. Activated with Montaline C40, it fights bacteria, helps prevent blackheads, and treats all forms of acne with inflamed pimples. Follow this with the Deep Cleansing Facial Toner, which deeply cleanses your skin to remove excess sebum, oil and dirt particles. The magic ingredients? Witch Hazel and Panthenol – to calm and to regenerate clean, clear skin.

You may have heard the term anti-pollution skincare, which is quickly becoming a buzzword because of the rapid environmental changes we’re living amidst. Fine dust or recurrent direct sunlight may cause premature skin ageing. The Anti-Pollution Day Care strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and is combined with SPF 20 to keep your skin safe from sun damage.

And lastly, after a long day outside, all you need is a cleanse followed by a soothing moisturizer suitable to wear at night. The Q10 Protection Cream contains Q10 which is a natural ingredient already found in your skin to make it smooth and maintain its elasticity. Apply before bed, wake up, rinse and repeat. 

Now that we’ve given you the tools to find your perfect skincare regimen, it’s time to go forth and conquer the day with a beautiful face. 

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