Is bubble bath safe for my baby?

There is no doubt that a bubble bath is relaxing or even a way to make bath time exciting and fun every now and then. The concern surrounding bubble bath is that the chemicals could have a negative effect on your child. Chemicals and ingredients such as fragrances, colourants, and soaps are known to be damaging and could cause irritations, especially to your little one’s delicate skin.   Harmful ingredients might not show damage immediately but could build up in the body and can have a long-lasting effect.

Experts agree that your baby’s health is the No.1 thing parents should consider when choosing any product. Because babies are more susceptible to chemicals and irritations due to the fact that they have not yet developed a resistance or a barrier, it is especially important to choose a product that is mild and gentle for a child or individual with delicate or sensitive skin.

Unfortunately, many products contain harmful ingredients such as soaps, fragrances, and dyes that may increase the likelihood of developing problems as they may change the pH, therefore decreasing the quantity of ‘good’ bacteria, resulting in UTI’s and skin irritations.

So why do we continue to use these products? We understand the joy it brings parents seeing the delight in their babies’ faces as he or she plays in the water with the bubbles. Wouldn’t it be great to have a product that would increase the skin’s surface lipids, helping with hydration instead of dehydrating it? What about reducing the severity of skin irritation instead of causing skin symptoms such as stinging or flaking?

Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath is soap and alkali free. It contains no colour additives and is gentle enough for babies with sensitive and delicate skin from day one. This unique formula contains chamomile extract that helps soothe, hydrate and protect delicate skin against irritation. Formulated with its unique pH value of 5.5, it is clinically proven to promote the development of the acid mantle, therefore enforcing the resistance of your baby’s delicate skin. 

Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath is recommended and safe for bathing babies and infants with dry and sensitive skin. Its mildness allows regular bathing without lipid depletion of the skin and supports other measures for the alleviation of skin problems. Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath is safe and gentle enough for your little one and for the whole family if anyone is in the mood for a relaxing bubble bath.