Caring for Baby’s Skin in Winter

Early mornings are cold, the wind is harsh, and the heater is running full-time to stave off the chill.  Winter is hard on everyone but provides additional challenges for your baby’s delicate skin.

Dryness, chapping, rashes, and even conditions like eczema and dandruff are commonplace at this time of the year, but just because the leaves outside are parched and shrivelled doesn’t mean your little one has to suffer the same fate.

By adapting your child’s skincare routine to suit the lower temperatures, you can ensure that their skin stays soft, supple and smooth during the winter months.  Here are Sebamed’s 3 easy steps to perfect baby skin during winter.

Use baby-specific cleansers & moisturisers

No matter the time of the year, it’s important to use cleansers and moisturisers made specifically for babies.  Products for older children and adults often contain fragrances, chemicals and other additives that can irritate a baby’s sensitive skin.  Your “winter essentials” arsenal should consist of specific items geared towards keeping Baby soft and happy.

Soap dries out babies’ skin which results in conditions such as rashes, eczema or dandruff, so it is important to ensure you are using soap-free products like our pH5.5 formulated Gentle Wash or Cleansing Bar which protects against irritation. A “no-tear” shampoo, containing chamomile to provide extra mild scalp care or Massage Oil gently rubbed onto Baby’s head post-bath are great ways to protect against dandruff.   For reliable protection and relief against nappy rash, our Diaper Rash Cream helps to soothe and counteract irritation, keeping Baby comfortable and happy.

Don’t over bath

Baths are great, but overdoing will dry out Baby’s skin, leaving it prone to becoming dry and developing rashes – or even eczema!  When it comes to daily bath time, it’s best to go “short and warm” instead of “long and hot”. If you like bathing Baby more than once a day, you might consider switching to a cleansing product like our Oil Wipes.  The rich, soothing formula cleanses and nourishes without upsetting the pH balance and is perfect for delicate baby skin.

Sun protection

The sun may be weaker in winter, but this is still Africa!  The harmful effects of the sun’s rays can have a lifelong effect on Baby’s delicate skin.  If you’re going to be spending time outdoors, protect your little one from sun damage with Sebamed’s Multi Protect Sun Spray.  Perfect for delicate and sun-sensitive skin, it provides triple protection with UVA and UVB filters along with Vitamin E to keep skin hydrated.

Happy baby = happy parents

None of us wants a distressed child!  By ensuring their skin is well taken care of, it’s one less thing to worry about!