Baby SebaMed Protective Skin Care Oil 150ml

For delicate, dry nappy area
Product features:
• Gentle cleansing of nappy area
• Rich oil formula protects from dryness and irritation
• Panthenol helps to promote the regeneration of the skin

For delicate, dry nappy area

Why use SebaMed Protective Skin Care Oil?

Healthy skin has a biological slightly acidic surface called the acid mantle. The delicate skin of a newborn lacks this protective acid mantle, which is established during the first few months of life. By using Baby Sebamed Skin Care Oil, you can ensure the best protection from the first day ad protect baby’s skin from dryness and irritation while keeping their delicate nappy area happy.


Baby skin needs particular protection and effective care because the natural protective skin barrier is not fully developed at birth. Dermatologists recommend adjusting cleansing and care products to the skin’s pH. A pH of 5.5 is particularly important in the first years of life as it supports the development of the skin’s acid mantle. The Sebamed Baby medical care system with a pH of 5.5 supports this important function to protect the skin from drying out, irritants, and pathogens. All Sebamed Baby products have been developed by dermatologists in Germany and has been specifically formulated and tested for Baby’s delicate skin.