Mothers Spoil

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Product Quantity

This pack includes:

Nourishing Hand Cream
Anti-Pollution Hydrating Fluid
Repair Foot Cream

Why this product?

*Moisturizing complex with Aloe vera and Avocado Oil.
*Regenerating formula with Camomile and Vitamin E for normal to dry skin.
*The pH 5.5 promotes the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle.
*Dermatologivally / clinically tested.
*Fast relief of itchiness and flaking symptoms of very dry skin.
*High 10% concentration for immediate effect.
*Natural skin-related ingredient.
*Humectant capacity prevents excessive moisture loss.
*Urea complex helps to peel away dead or dry skin.
*Intensive hydration to restore moisture balance.
*Dermatologically / clinically tested.

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