Clear Face Spot Control Gel

Fast relief from pimples
Antibacterial gel reduces irritation and dries pimples out
Care complex with Panthenol supports the skin’s regeneration

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The Sebamed Clear Face skin care system helps to counteract the problems of impure, oily and acne-prone skin
It prevents and combats blackheads and pimples and restores the skin's balance
The care complex for impure and acne-prone skin helps effectively to combat skin impurities
For acne with inflamed pimples
The pH 5.5 promotes the natural barrier function of the skin's acid mantle
Dermatologically / clinically tested

After cleansing, apply directly on pimples and problem zones. Use as needed, several times a day.

Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 15.5 × 26 cm


How to use

After cleansing, apply directly on pimples and problem zones. Use as needed, several times a day.

Product superstars:

Cucumber Fruit Extract,
Silk Protein

Skin-identical ingredients



Polysorbate 20,
Propylene Glycol,
Hamamelis virginiana bark / leaf extract,
Hydrolyzed Silk,
Cucumis sativus fruit extract,
Citric Acid,
Sodium Carbomer,
Sodium Hydroxide,
Potassium Sorbate,
Sodium Benzoate

  • Louise Fallard

    Used this on my skin as well as on my fever blister, and just WOW! Works great for both.

  • Brandon

    Selfies is not a nightmare since using the Spot Control Gel. This product dries out all pimples even before it surface without leaving any scars. It has boost my confidence. Thank you Sebamed!

  • Tracey

    I’ve used this a couple of times. No joke it works like a bomb and has stopped me from scarring my face from scratching random pimples off. So worth it!

  • Khomotjo

    This is the best product by far! It dries out pimples even before it pops out 🙂

  • Zenobia

    Having a dark skin any pimple usually leaves a scar that takes a while to go away long after the pimple dissapeared. The spot control gel is the ultimate solution for this frustration. It dries any pimple out before it breaks through the skin preventing scars. The so called scar literally peels off it. Highly recommendable

  • Osmond

    The spot control gel spots every pimple in its track. Before breaking out the gel dries it out. Love this.

  • Byungil

    No one with a problematic skin can be without this product. It dries a pimple out before it breaks out which means no ugly scars !

  • Gavin

    I can recommend this for any one suffering from acne and pimples and like to control an outbreak.

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