Summer Essentials


Dermatologically/clinically tested
Highly concentrated Phytosterols
SPF 20 – Intense moisture with Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid
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December holidays bear resemblance for many of us of sunny skies, sandy beaches, the outdoors or ski slopes, wind and rain. The fact is that hot or cold weather impacts on our skins. No one likes to return from their year-end brake feeling replenished and revived but looking neglected and unnourished. For this reason, Sebamed offers a range of products that specifically take care of the extra needs of skins during these holidays affording everyone to look and feel great for the rest of summer or winter and protecting the skin against the harmful environmental influences. 

 Whether the skin was exposed to harmful SUV rays, wind, dust or cold special care is needed and extra moisture is needed to protect and combat against harmful exposure to maintain or restore the pH balance of the skin. 

  • Penelope

    After the summer holidays in the sun and outdoors – this range makes sure you don’t look physically neglected after the holiday. Love Sebamed.

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