Putting your soap to the test: The pH 5.5 Difference

pH…what? Think of it as your skin’s own little bodyguard. pH 5.5 promotes the natural function of your skin’s own protective acid mantle and prevents your skin from drying out while protecting your skin against harmful environmental influences and pathogens.

Unlike conventional soaps that have a high level of alkaline, pH 5.5. meets your skin right in the middle between an acid and a neutral substance. Your skin’s surface contains water and is known to be slightly acidic, in fact, reaching an average pH value of 5.5.

Your skin’s acidic property creates the “protective acid mantle” to protect your skin from infections, allergies and drying out. Conventional soaps and face cleaners have a high alkaline level and as a result, they dry out your skin’s pH balance, which can lead to a multitude of skin conditions and diseases, including premature lines and wrinkles.

Before you think of scrubba dubbing away with your good ol’ soap bar, keep in mind that traditional soap is alkaline with a pH value of anywhere between 5-12 which can change your skin’s natural pH. This causes depleted moisture levels and lipids while damaging the protective acid mantle which can lead to irritation, stinging and added stress to sensitive skin.

The higher the pH, the harsher traditional soaps will be on your skin’s acidity levels.

So, how do I know if my soap has a higher pH level than my skin’s natural acidity level?

We encourage you to test your regular soap or bodywash!

How to find the pH level of your soap?

  1. Simply take a piece of litmus paper
  2. Wet the strip with the soap
  3. Wait for it to develop
  4. Compare the resulting color against a key to read the pH

Colour key:

You’ll want a skin product that is pH-balanced and has roughly the same acidity as your skin to ensure you do not disrupt your skin’s protective acid mantle. When soap is too alkaline, your skin becomes dry and loses its line of protection, which causes skin ailments like dermatitis, eczema or rashes which can be solved by using a product with a pH of 5.5.

Choosing pH balanced skincare helps to protect your acid-mantle, improves your skins conditions, replenishes moisture and prevents pathogens from entering your body through the skin.

Did you put your soap to the test and noticed it’s got a poor pH? Check out Sebamed’s pH balanced skincare and give your skin the protection and care it deserves.