Sebamed Cares. Real Women. Real Skin

Unpacking some real skin care issues. Real women have real skin.

Real skin is layered. Real is textured. Real skin is different. Real skin has problems. Real skin changes. Real skin ages. Real skin is unique. Real skin is yours.

Some skin care “worries” that we need to start embracing:


Ageing is natural. Ageing is real. Ageing shouldn’t be shamed. Ageing should be embraced. There are many great products that can help you age with that glow. The Sebamed Anti-Ageing Skincare Solution Kit has amazing Q10 products. The ingredients of Sebamed Anti-Aging Q10 activate the energy production of skin cells and help to maintain skin’s smoothness and elasticity. Regularly used, the cream protects against premature skin ageing. Real skin ages beautifully with Sebamed products.

Different skin types

Skin care is not a one size fits all. Everyone’s skin is different and unique. We all have different skin worries or concerns and because of this, we need products made for our skin types. We need to stop the shame of skin care problems and rather share our stories because sharing could lead to helping each other. Real women. Real skin. Real community.

Sebamed has great packs for every skin type.

  • For dry skin, we have the Winter Essentials Dry and Sensitive Skin pack which has been carefully curated and will ensure moisture and comfort are maintained.
  • For oily skin, we have the Clear & Protect Facial Care Kit. It prevents and combats blackheads and pimples and restores the skin’s balance.
  • For combination skin, we have the Balanced Skin Pack. The pH 5.5 promotes the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle. Get the perfect pack for your skin type today.

Skin changes and other scares during pregnancy

We don’t hear enough real pregnancy stories. The skin care changes and other scares that women goes through. So many people go through intense body, skin, hair and life changes during pregnancy. We want to start normalizing sharing these stories because you are not alone. Real women. Real pregnancies. Real stories.

Sebamed wants women to start sharing and embracing the changes that one goes through, and stop the shame that comes with skin care. Real women have real skin.

Some myths that we need to debunk about skin:

Hot Water is Good for Your Skin

Washing or showering in hot water actually removes oils and natural moisturizers from your skin. This can leave skin dry and itchy.

Face Exercises Will Reduce Wrinkles

This is not correct. The wrinkles you already have are for the most part permanent. Any repetitive stretching of the skin is likely to create new wrinkles.

Pores Open and Close

While certain conditions, steam for example, can loosen pores, they do not open and close.

SPF Protection is All the Same

Many products (not just sunscreen) have SPF protection. However, not all products protect for both UVA and UVB rays. If you’re going to be in the sun, make sure any exposed area is protected from both types of damaging rays.

These are just a number of myths that are FALSE.

There are so many stories and issues that we could unpack but for now, Sebamed just wants to you to start celebrating real skin. We also want to remind you that Sebamed has real products for real women with real skin. Shop online today.