Superstar protection from the elements

What do an Everest-conquering mountain climber and your baby have in common?

Have you ever watched one of those documentaries about mountain climbers?  Spending days (and sometimes weeks) conquering the world’s tallest peaks means that they’re out in the harsh elements.  This is most visible once they’ve returned to base camp – their skin is red, dry and often peeling painfully.  Thankfully, Baby is still a few years away from strapping on their hiking boots, but the effects of the elements can have a similar effect on their skin even though they’re tucked away safely at home.

A baby’s skin has not yet had enough time to develop the necessary oils to keep in moisture, which means your child is particularly vulnerable to the elements.   Winter is an especially challenging time, as the combination of cold temperatures, low humidity, and biting winds tend to dry out their skin more quickly, and can leave it dry, chapped, red, and itchy, and then comes the ever-important protection against the sun as the seasons change.

 This is thanks, in large part, to three superstar ingredients.


Essentially a fancy way of saying “pro-vitamin B5”, Panthenol helps the skin attract, and then hold on to, water.  It is a superstar moisturiser, with research indicating that it promotes the creation of lipids (which aid the all-important skin barrier). Studies have shown that it also helps reduce the irritation caused by other ingredients in cream (such as SPF and fragrance), and that it aids in the production of fibroblast – the cells that produce skin-firming collagen.


Naturally occurring in the roots and leaves of the comfrey plant, Allantoin is a superstar soothing agent.  Allantoin in skincare products is now created synthetically, but is still one of the best ingredients for aiding in softening the skin, as well as protecting it against the elements.


Occurring naturally in our skin, Glycerin (also sometimes called Glycerol) is a “skin identical” ingredient. More than just a moisturising agent, it helps restore the skin’s natural barrier and protects against irritation by keeping the lipids between skin cells healthy.  Shown to reduce flakiness in very dry skin, it aids in the protection against skin irritation too.  

Panthenol, Allantoin and Glycerin are essential ingredients in Sebamed’s baby moisturisers.  To ensure your baby is getting the optimal protection, generously apply Baby Body Lotion after bathing, preferably while Baby’s skin is still slightly damp.  If you child suffers from extremely dry skin, or their skin has severe rough patches, use Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft.  Children with very dry or sensitive skin should have moisturiser applied twice a day.