The Benefits of Baby Massage

As temperatures drop and baby’s skin dries out more than in summer, a baby massage routine can be a great addition to ensure you keep your little one’s skin moisturized whilst strengthening your bond.

The benefits of massage are well-documented and many; and let’s be honest – who doesn’t enjoy a day at the spa for some pampering “me time” which leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated?  But did you know that babies as young as new-born can benefit from a gentle, loving caress of their parents’ touch?

Why you should massage your baby

There are many benefits to adding a massage to your baby’s routine.  These include:

  • Improved circulation and digestion, easing the symptoms of colic, gas, and constipation
  • Easing muscle tension associated with growing pains
  • Soothing teething pain
  • Improving weight gain
  • More stable heart rate and brain activity
  • And, of course, it helps create a strong bond between you and your baby!

When to massage your baby

The ideal time to include massage into your routine is largely determined by the nature of your baby.  Some prefer morning stimulation to get the day started, while others react well to evening massage, which helps them fall asleep more easily.  Always be sure to follow cues from Baby, making sure they are calm and alert before starting, and immediately stopping a technique that makes Baby uncomfortable.  Performing massage immediately after a feeding could result in vomiting, so experts recommend waiting at least 45 minutes after they’ve eaten.

How to massage your baby

A quick internet search will provide you with a variety of different strokes and techniques. Generally, a massage should start at either the head or the feet and gently work your way to up or down accordingly.  It’s important to perform a massage in a comfortable environment, such as a changing table or bed, and maintain eye contact with Baby, softly speaking to them as you caress them.  Starting slowly will allow Baby to adjust to the massage.  A massage can last for as long as you are both enjoying it, however, it’s important to watch for visual clues that indicate when your baby has had enough.

What to use to massage your baby

A massage is a great time to introduce an additional step into your baby’s skincare routine.  Using a massage specific product, such as Sebamed’s Baby Massage Oil, helps reduce friction caused by the massage while assisting to maintain the lipid balance and moisture content of Baby’s delicate skin.  
Sebamed’s Baby Massage Oil is an ideal addition to baby’s Winter skin care routine to avoid the skin from drying out in the cold weather.

Baby massage provides a unique way for parents to bond with their new bundle of joy.  If massaging doesn’t come naturally, don’t worry!  The benefits far outweigh the potential short-term challenge of learning what your baby enjoys, so keep practising.  The stronger bond you’ll develop with your child are worth the effort!