The Not-So-Secret to Luscious Locks

Everything You Need to Know About Redensyl

Snow White’s mother wished for her daughter to have it, Rapunzel’s was somewhat legendary, and Goldilocks? Well, she was even named for it… However, while these Disney princesses all had fairy tale tresses in common, hair loss in real life very rarely has a happy ending.

That’s where Redensyl steps in to save the day. But how does it work, and why should you be investing in this miracle head-elixir? We’ve got the answer to head-turning hair, right here:


Why Do We Lose Hair?

Hair loss is an inevitable part of life – in fact, humans lose up to 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. But, whether it is due to poor nutrition, little to no attention paid to a healthy hair care regime, or a genetic condition of baldness, hair loss cannot be stopped. Luckily for us, it can be slowed down.


What is Redensyl and How Does It Work?

For the science buffs out there, Redensyl is a natural, non-hormonal hair growth serum made from a newly-discovered molecule called dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), a compound derived from plant extracts known to target the stem cells in hair follicles to encourage the division of hair cells and stimulate growth. Redensyl also contains:

  • Epigallocatechin gallate-glucoside (EGCG2),an anti-inflammatory that helps to keep the scalp healthy and happy by capturing free radicals.
  • Glycine,an amino acid that makes up hair proteins and is associated with keratin.
  • Zinc,which reinforces the hair shaft structure, making it stronger.

Feeling a bit confused? In less-scientificy-terms, your hair begins growing from a root in the bottom of a small cavity in your head (this is the follicle). The root is made up of protein cells. Blood from the blood vessels in your scalp feeds the root, which creates more cells and makes the hair grow. Redensyl works to encourage hair growth at a cellular level, ensuring it grows healthy and strong from root to tip.

It doesn’t stop there either. While it triggers the growing phase of hair, it also works to prevent the telogen phase (the phase where your hair follicle is resting and doesn’t grow any hair at all), meaning your hair has a longer period of growth before your hair falls out again. In this way, it helps your hair follicles to favour growth over loss, helping to increase the overall number of hairs on your head, as well as the quality and length of those hairs.


Does Redensyl Really Work?

That’s a lot of science, but the question is, does it work? Well, our Redensyl products have been receiving rave reviews and our customers are really loving the results. In fact, in a study with more than 40 people, Redensyl showed an average hair growth increase of more than 14%.

Not only did Redensyl increase the amount of hair, but it also minimised hair loss and caused the hair to grow thicker, silkier, and more resilient too. And what’s more? It has no side effects either. Great news for those with hair issues everywhere!


Where Do I Get It?

Convinced you need some Redensyl in your life? No worries! Sebamed offers an Anti-Hairloss Intensive Foam with a combination of Redensyl, NHE and caffeine, to activate hair at the root by supplying nutrients and oxygen. Hair becomes fuller over time, and thrives thanks to a pH-balanced formula that protects the scalp’s acid mantle – with visible results after just 3 months*!

*study DermaFocus, Augsburg, Germany, 2018

In addition to this Redensyl-rich leave-in foam, Sebamed also has a range of day-to-day products to ensure you maintain your luscious locks with a healthy hair care regime, including Everyday Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and a Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo.

Ready for a commercial-worthy coiff? Get your Sebamed Hair Care products here. You can also find the complete Sebamed range at any major pharmaceutical outlet, including Clicks and Dischem.