The pH 5.5 difference: chemistry your skin will love

If you’d known that chemistry classes from back in the day would come in handy for your skin today, would you have paid closer attention? Luckily, this will refresh your memory on everything you need to know about your skin’s pH value, and how to maintain and keep it balanced.

If up to 60% of the human adult body is made of water, and with skin being its largest organ, it goes without saying that the pH value your skin contains should be kept as balanced as possible. Based on measurements from 0 – 14, the pH scale shows whether something is acidic or alkaline. Anything under 7 on the scale is acidic, while anything above 7 is considered alkaline. So where does pH 5.5 fit into this equation?

Your skin is covered with a protective barrier called an acid mantle, which keeps it firm, prevents infections, and seals in moisture. This is why it’s essential you keep your skin’s pH to 5.5, because it’s in this slightly acidic condition that it will work at its optimum.

The pH of your skin can easily be thrown off balance if you’re eating the wrong foods or using incompatible skincare products. This usually results in wrinkles, increased sensitivity, inflammation or acne. Good news is, there’s a skincare brand which has made it a longstanding mission to create gentle products which are aligned with the pH 5.5 value of healthy skin.

Sebamed has a wide range of products which have all been through rigorous, clinical testing to ensure they’re all kept at pH 5.5. These medicinal skin cleansing and skin care products also support and sustain the skin’s natural acid mantle – which prevents drying out, and protects it from harmful environmental conditions.

With all this information on pH 5.5, you’re probably wondering where to start. We’d suggest the Sebamed Clear Face Starter Pack. This powerhouse of products helps combat blackheads and pimples while restoring your skin’s balance in just 4 easy steps which you can follow here.

Another important part of your skin which you should be taking care of is your scalp. Use the Everyday Shampoo for daily hair care that won’t dry out your hair and scalp. The pH 5.5 in this product increases the natural barrier of your scalp’s acid mantle, so you can have healthy, voluminous and silky hair.

Your hands and nails need the same TLC as the rest of your body. Infused with Allantoin and Bisabolol, the Hydrating Hand + Nail Balm nourishes and protects sensitive hands, and gives them a soft and smooth finish.

You can effectively take care of your skin if you understand its chemistry. On a scale of 0 – 14, your skin thrives best at pH 5.5 – which is  found in all of our dermatologically tested products. Try the Sebamed range of products, see which ones work best for you, and make a foolproof skincare regimen out of it.

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