To SPF, or Not to SPF?

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Sunscreen in Winter 

Bright sunshine, summer heat and ice-cream in the park… Sunscreen is automatically associated with Summer, and spending days at the pool or running around on the beach. However, scientists have determined that it could be a huge skincare mistake not to use this important product all year ‘round. And here’s why:

UV Rays Are Stronger Than You Think

UV rays become a burning topic in the Summer months, when everybody who is anybody starts warning us against this dangerous, skin-consuming factor. However, did you know the sun is actually closer to the Earth during the colder Winter months? Even though UVA and UVB rays are stronger in Summer, they still penetrate those thick, overcast clouds and cold weather.


UVA rays are always present and can infiltrate clouds, glass and deep into the skin. This causes damage in deep layers of the skin, resulting in premature ageing and an increased risk of skin cancer. UVB rays, on the other hand, vary in intensity – especially on sunny, Summer days – but can still cause sunburn damage during Winter.


Sun Protection = Skin Ageing Protection

Want to take a sip from the fountain of youth? Then this is one important reason why you should be wearing sunscreen in any season. UVB rays deplete the collagen and elastin in your skin, causing sagging, wrinkles and premature ageing skin faster than you can say “SPF”. Fortunately, a good sun-protection factor not only has proven anti-ageing properties – it also leaves your skin looking radiant and glowing.


The Winter Weather Myth

In the Summer time, when the weather is fine, you’re likely to hit the pool and wash off your sunscreen very quickly – at the very least you’re likely to sweat it off (which is why we’re told to reapply it so often. One would think that without the water factor, SPF wouldn’t be needed then…


What most people don’t realize, however, is that Winter’s cold conditions erode your sunscreen even faster. From the extra layers rubbing the SPF off to cold winds that wear away sunscreen and reduce its effectiveness, it’s recommended that you reapply every two hours to stay protected all day.


Dry, Dry, Dry

Just as you Summer is associated with a golden, glowing seasonal tan, Winter is often associated with dry skin. That’s because during the winter months, our skin barrier is more vulnerable to environmental changes, so it’s already working harder to stay balanced and healthy. By applying an SPF, you’re not only protecting your skin, but the rich, moisturizing properties of sunscreen is also feeding your skin with the nutrients it needs. It’s really a win-win solution.


Wherever You May Wander

On a more serious note, one of the main reasons why sunscreen is a must through EVERY season is because of the risk of skin cancer. Whether you work in an office the whole day or spend your time roaming the streets – simply adding sunscreen to your skin every morning can lower your risk of getting this frightful condition. This is especially true if you sit near a window. As mentioned before, UVA rays have the nasty habit of penetrating through clouds and glass (and some fabrics too), so ensure you have adequate protection, no matter where you go.


So, What You Gonna Do ‘Bout It?

Sebamed – the scientifically based, medicinal skincare brand that produces soap-free skincare products that maintain a pH value 5.5 for healthy skin – recommends the following products for skin protection all year ‘round:


  1. Anti-pollution Day Care: With SPF 20 for protection against environmental influences, this skin-strengthening skincare product contains Fermented Lactic Acid bacteria that protects against UV rays and free radicals. It’s also enriched with 2% antioxidant Vitamin E and with Q10 for an extra youthful effect.
  2. Anti-pollution Hydrating Fluid: Also formulated with Fermented Lactic Acid bacteria, to protect against environmental influences, this SPF 20 hydration fluid takes moisturization to the next level with added Hyaluronic Acid. Its pH 5.5 formula also fortifies skin’s natural protective barrier.


Ready to protect your skin this Winter? Invest in the nurturing goodness of Sebamed’s specialised, moisturizing skincare with up to 20% off on selected Sebamed products. Now you have every reason to ensure your stays nourished, healthy and good-looking from head to toe.