What to pack in your summer baby bag

The days are getting longer, temperatures are getting warmer, and we’re slowly starting to spend more time outdoors in the wonderful South African summertime weather.  This change, however, does mean that a few items in our trusty baby bag need to change.  Below, we have a quick rundown of some nappy bag staples, as well as some summertime essentials.

Food items

One of the most distressing things for a new mom is dealing with Baby if he/she’s hungry.  Be sure to pack a range of bottles, formula, baby food, cutlery, and pre-prepared finger foods to keep hunger at bay.  Don’t forget, lots of fluids. Make sure your little one stays hydrated when playing outside.
While you’re at it, why not throw in a couple of snacks for yourself too?

Nappies & related items

It’s not called a “nappy bag” for no reason and making sure you have enough supplies for the inevitable oopsie is a must.  You’ll need to pack a range of changing-time items to make sure Baby remains clean and happy for the duration of your time away from home.

Always make sure that you have a decent supply of clean nappies along with a couple of disposable plastic bags to keep the dirty ones after changing.  Of course, wipes and protective creams are required at each changing to make sure your little one doesn’t develop a nappy rash.  SebaMed’s Oil Wipes gently cleanse the skin without irritating, while the Diaper Rash Cream provides reliable protection while promoting the development of the skin’s acid mantle.

Extra clothing

It’s always a good idea to have a few extra clothing items to deal with sudden changes in the weather and the inevitable spill.

A set of warm clothes, including socks, should be kept on hand, as Baby tends to feel the cold more easily.  A bib or two is a must, especially if you’re going to be out during feeding time.  Including a decent-sized blanket is always a good idea too.


Whether or not you’re going to a baby-friendly place, it is essential to include a couple of well-loved items to keep your little one entertained.  Rattles, soft-toys, and board books are always a good option, as is a teething ring.

Sun protection

The African sun is particularly harsh and extra care needs to be taken to protect Baby.

In addition to a hat, sunscreen is an absolute must!  SebaMed’s SPF50 Multi Protect Sun Spray provides triple protection against sun damage and irritation, with UVA, UVB and Vitamin E.  Formulated at pH5.5, the water-resistant sunscreen has been clinically tested and contains no alcohol or parabens which could irritate your baby’s skin.  Remember that you’ll need to keep applying the spray to fully protect Baby from the harmful rays of the sun.

TIP: If it’s swim time, be sure to let the sunscreen dry a few minutes before swimming, as this tends to limit the amount of sunscreen that might run towards your little one’s eyes.

First Aid

Every new mom (or dad) should have a small first aid kit in their bag for those unexpected bumps or sudden fevers.  Items such as plasters, a thermometer, antiseptic ointment, tissues, hand sanitizer, tissues, and a baby-friendly pain & fever medication are a good place to start!

Of course, there are a ton of additional items you could include in your bag, and you’ll find that as you learn more about your baby, some items might be added, changed, or left out altogether.  But if you use the list above as a starting point, you’ll have the most important bases covered!