What you need in your baby bag!

As a mommy-to-be, the moment you get the good news that your bundle of joy is on the way, the planning starts.

A lot of thought goes into what colour scheme and theme baby’s room will be. What nappies will we be using? What brand of bottles should we use? And while all of these are relevant ‘concerns’, not a lot of thought goes into what you should have in your home arsenal. 

We have decided to ask a mommy’s opinion about all the decisions she had to make about her baby bag.

Meet Lisa, a mom of two boys.

Being a mommy of two boys myself, I realised that way too often with your first baby, you have too much ‘STUFF’ that you end up not using. A lot more thought should go into exactly what you need in your nappy bag. So here goes. 

As you would be doing A LOT of nappy changing, you should have a sufficient amount of nappies. I personally preferred Pampers Premium but recently tried out the Hi Baby range, and they work wonders.

Next in line is a good ‘Bum Cream’ or Diaper Rash cream (tried a variety of those). I have come across the Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream in a moment of pure desperation, and what a lifesaver it has been. 

Wet wipes are also a must-have and I used the Pampers Sensitive wipes with my firstborn, but came across the Pampers Pure wipes when my second came along. What makes them work for me is the fact that they don’t have all the nasties in, and they are made up of 99% water. Then I got some expert advice at one of the baby expos, and that’s BABY OIL WIPES!! Yes, a wet wipe with oil in. These beauties aren’t like your normal wet wipes, because they have oil in. I used them when baby two was teething and needed that extra protection. The soya-based oil in the Sebamed Baby Oil Wipes helps by giving that additional layer of ‘film’ on baby’s bum in order to protect him from getting nappy rash. (I even used it as a moisturizer for baby’s skin after bath time, ssshhh!). 

Then, of course, comes bath time. It’s an awesome time to spend with baby and get them to relax. However, this time can be a very stressful time if you aren’t sure which products to use, especially when your baby has sensitive skin, as was the case with mine. It didn’t matter what we used, a day or two later my baby would have a rash! So, I decided to consult our clinic sister (always a good idea, if you don’t know which way to go) and she suggested a few ranges. As we were familiar with Sebamed, we thought we will give it a try. 

I’m not a fan of a bar of soap so we opted for their liquid baby wash, called Sebamed Baby Gentle Wash. I was so happy with my discovery of Sebamed’s Baby Gentle Wash, I opted for their bubble bath and lotions as well. Sebamed has two options: 1. Sebamed Baby Cream Extra Soft – quite thick, but great for very dry skin, and 2. Sebamed Baby Body Lotion – pulls into the skin nicely, so this one is ideal for everyday use. 

These products worked great and have an amazing smell! When it came to the bubble bath, there wasn’t a bubble explosion or a potpourri bomb (just enough to keep baby busy and calm baby for bedtime). 

Mommies take my advice: you won’t go wrong with the Sebamed range of products (from one mommy to another). We’ve been using Sebamed for the past 4 years – no convincing us otherwise that Sebamed is the best! 

Here is my final list of must-haves for your baby bag:

  • Enough nappies, my preference is Hi Baby.
  • Bags to dispose of used diapers.
  • Oil wipes from Sebamed.
  • I keep three bottles prepped with the right amount of water. I prefer Avent’s bottles. If you are a breast pump mommy, ensure your choice of bottles will fit on the pump.
  • Formula. I prefer Nan. It is also helpful to have this portioned in a container before you pack your bag.
  • Diaper Rash Cream. I prefer Sebamed’s and I use this as a bum cream as well as to assist with nappy rash.
  • Sebamed’s Baby Lotion & Extra Soft Cream to make sure I’m prepared.
  • Telament drops. I don’t need these often, but it is very important to have for when I do need it.
  • Gentle Wash for those really messy accidents. Sebamed has a large bottle, which is great for home use and very well prices, but I keep one of the smaller bottles in my baby bag as well.
  • I would have at least two to three sets of extra clothes as you are bound to get a nasty spill!