Why You Should Moisturise Your Baby’s Skin

Babies have smooth, delicate skin. It’s no wonder we use baby skin as a benchmark if we want to estimate something’s softness or smoothness! It’s easy to forget, however, that soft skin doesn’t always mean that the skin is hydrated. Since babies can’t take care of themselves, it’s up to us as parents to ensure that we take all the precautions to keep our babies moisturised, hydrated, and happy. This article will explain why you need to moisturise your baby’s skin and what you can do to keep it soft and smooth.

A baby’s skin appears soft to the touch due to how fragile the skin is, but this fragility may also cause problems like skin irritation and dryness. Even though it may look like your baby’s skin is hydrated, the opposite is true – babies lose moisture much faster than adults and need frequent moisturising to protect their skin. Neglecting to moisturise your baby’s skin may cause many unpleasant side-effects that may result from dry skin, such as rashes, skin peeling, eczema, chafing, and itchiness. Simply grabbing a moisturiser from the shelf and using it on your baby is not enough to combat the effects of dryness, however. You need to choose a product that was specifically formulated for babies and sensitive skin, otherwise you may end up exacerbating any underlying skin conditions your baby may have.

The product we recommend is Baby Sebamed’s Extra Soft Cream. This product was specifically formulated for young, delicate skin and is an ideal regular-use moisturiser. The active ingredient, Panthenol, will keep your baby’s skin hydrated without irritation and is absorbed quickly by the skin, preventing oily residue and allowing you to get your baby dressed without worrying about the cream coming off. Baby Sebamed Extra Soft Cream also works to protect the delicate acid mantle of a baby’s skin with a mild pH 5.5 formulation – the ideal pH for healthy skin. What’s more, the 200ml tube is small enough to fit in overnight or travel bags and should be the first thing you pack when travelling with your little one!

You can purchase Baby Sebamed Extra Soft Cream by clicking here, or you can buy it at any major pharmaceutical outlet, including Clicks and Dischem.

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